Fort Ligonier Days, Inc.


Fort Ligonier Days, Inc. is an independent 501(c)(3) organization formed and incorporated in 1998 as a Pennsylvania non-profit domestic corporation.


The primary purpose of the Corporation is to manage, organize and coordinate the community festival activities known as Fort Ligonier Days, and to provide an opportunity for benevolent institutions to raise funds to support these activities. Emphasis shall be placed on communicating the history of the community, especially in the latter half of the eighteenth century. This shall include the reasons for the establishment and existence of Fort Ligonier, examples of hardships endured by early soldiers and settlers, and illustrations of the patriotism of our ancestors. Additionally, the festival will provide a means to promote the community spirit and cultural heritage of Ligonier Valley, which continues to shine through small town shops and vendors, and various civic and faith-based organizations.

Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors of Fort Ligonier Days, Inc. is:

Mark L. Sorice, President
Stephen R. Gooder, Vice President
Annie Urban, Treasurer
Cathy Klinchock, Secretary
Pam Anderson
Jim Faccenda
William Stablein, Chair Emeritus of Fort Ligonier Days Committee
Jack McDowell, Chair of Fort Ligonier Days Committee
Vic Smith, Co-Chair of Fort Ligonier Days Committee

Fort Ligonier Days Committee

The Fort Ligonier Days Committee (“FLD Committee”) is a standing committee of Fort Ligonier Days, Inc. and is tasked with the management of all operations of the Fort Ligonier Days Festival. The Chair (William Stablein) and Co-Chair (Jack McDowell) of the FLD Committee are automatically members of the Board of Directors. The specific duties of the FLD Committee is to handle the day to day activities of planning, organizing, promoting and running the various activities comprising the Fort Ligonier Days Festival, including the parade, food booths and craft booths.

Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce (the “Chamber”) is a separate, not-for-profit domestic corporation. Fort Ligonier Days, Inc. pays the Chamber a fee for providing administrative services to Fort Ligonier Days, Inc. in the production of the Festival.