Long-time Reenactors Celebrate 50th Anniversary



Fort Ligonier Days welcomes the return of long-time reenactors Dr. Walter Powell and Bruce Egli, whose journey as reenactors began at Fort Ligonier 50 years ago.

In 1969

Dr. Walter Powell, Bruce Egli, and Brian Egli, at the time students at Slippery Rock Area High School, attended Fort Ligonier Days due to their interest in history, but they quickly became more than just spectators. After chatting with one of the reenactors, Dr. Powell states, “[He] took us to the unit supply vehicles–a former hearse–and got out short coats, dragoon helmets (converted from construction worker safety hats), canteens, cartridge boxes, two percussion carbines, and asked us to try on the equipment…We were hooked!”

As time goes by

They soon formed the Slippery Rock Reenactment Association, Inc., and a French marine unit, La Compagnie Franche de Capitaine Dumas. They have each attended hundreds of reenactment over the decades, sharing their love of history with countless people.

In 2019

Dr. Walter Powell and Bruce Egli will be present at the opening ceremonies and throughout the weekend. Stop by the French camp in the lower historic area to congratulate them and the La Compagnie Franche de Capitaine Dumas on their 50th anniversary!